Your Body is Your Responsibility


“It’s all in your head.” I’m sure you’ve heard this saying in the past. You have a feeling in your physical body that tells you something’s not right. You can’t put words to it, but you’ve got a gut instinct that sets off your alarm bells.


How can you strengthen this feeling within you? You can release emotions and get to know and trust your physical body. Your body is your temple. You know it best and can learn its signs.


Imagine your body like a sponge that has stored everything that has happened in your life. Your emotions are locked up in your body. Through energy healing, you can let go of those emotions as well as the energy that has come with them.


Spend time at home inside your physical body. Breathe deeply while you scan each organ and body part. What do they feel like? Connect with your body, and then direct questions to it. The answers will come in the form of physical sensations, thoughts, and feelings.


In the upcoming three days of distance healing, the focus will be on your physical health and well-being. We can’t change your past, but we can transform the energy that was created by your experiences and free you of the emotions that don’t serve you.


Om du vill anmäla dig till vår kommande Distans Healing,

skicka ett mail till stig@kalvelid.se

TID: 20-22 februari kl 06:00-06.30

PRIS: 140 kr för alla 3 dagarna.

Betalningsalternativ: Swish till 1232020261 eller BG 5398-0249

Kontakta oss gärna om du har några frågor.

Varma hälsningar,

Stig Kälvelid & Petra Grandits


3 dagars

distans healing



30/1 - 1/2

Kl. 06.00-06.30


20-22 februari

Kl. 06.00-06.30


27-29 mars

Kl 06.00-06.30


24-26 april

Kl 06.00-06.30


22-24 maj

Kl 06.00-06.30


26-28 juni

Kl 06.00-06.30







Pris 140 kr

för 3 dagars healing

30 minuter per dag

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