MARS 2019




You are Spirit


The month of March has its charm because we experience the rebirth of nature. This time of year is a reminder to renew your commitment to yourself, to create balance in your life, and to ask for abundance.


You can accept the supportive healing energy that will come during this opportunity with confidence. Allow the energy to bring forward your enthusiasm to discover your own spirit. During these three days, ask your spirit to come back home inside of yourself, and be open-minded about the true size of your spirit. Your spirit is larger than you think.


Blossom in these three days. Grow within your spirituality by starting a daily morning routine; do something that makes you feel good. Carry your true colours throughout the time to come.


Let us give you energy and be your stepping stone this spring.



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TID: 27-29 mars kl 06:00-06.30

PRIS: 140 kr för alla 3 dagarna.

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Varma hälsningar,

Stig Kälvelid & Petra Grandits


3 dagars

distans healing



30/1 - 1/2

Kl. 06.00-06.30


20-22 februari

Kl. 06.00-06.30


27-29 mars

Kl 06.00-06.30


24-26 april

Kl 06.00-06.30


22-24 maj

Kl 06.00-06.30


26-28 juni

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Pris 140 kr

för 3 dagars healing

30 minuter per dag

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