Make Your Life About You


Focusing on other people, showing care, and giving comfort are so natural and easy. When was the last time you showed love and compassion for yourself as much as you do for other folks in your life? Look at your list of priority people and your to-do list. Do your name and needs pop up on your lists?


Sensitive people like us have the tendency to feel others and become providers for them energetically, spiritually, or materially. We are great supporters with the tendency to neglect ourselves.


The time to change that pattern and listen to your inner voice is now. It’s that voice inside of you that is calm, quiet, and wants your attention. These three days of healing will give you energy to strengthen your bond with your inner voice and guidance. This healing is all about you. You deserve to be at the centre of your life. Experience having a close relationship with yourself and being your number one priority. You are worth it.



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TID: 18-20 september kl 06:00-06.30

PRIS: 140 kr för alla 3 dagarna.

Betalningsalternativ: Swish till 1232020261 eller BG 5398-0249

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Varma hälsningar,

Stig Kälvelid & Petra Grandits


3 dagars

distans healing



30/1 - 1/2

Kl. 06.00-06.30


20-22 februari

Kl. 06.00-06.30


27-29 mars

Kl 06.00-06.30


24-26 april

Kl 06.00-06.30


22-24 maj

Kl 06.00-06.30


26-28 juni

Kl 06.00-06.30







Pris 140 kr

för 3 dagars healing

30 minuter per dag