Powerful Healing and Affirmation


The month of November can be a tricky time of the year. Shorter days, a drop in temperature, and a bit of rain, fog, or the first snowfall can bring our mood down. A lowered immune system can invite a cold and bring us further down.


Let’s start this month’s healing right now as you read about it. Say an affirmation out loud, or say “I am healthy” in your mind. Experience how this affirmation is followed by a feeling of well-being throughout your body. Repeat this affirmation daily for as long as you like. We create what we think, and our body follows.


These three days of distance healing are all about lifting your mind and your mood. Be part of the outcome of the healing by becoming aware of your thoughts. Bring a positive attitude into your life by thinking positively. Together, we can raise the quality of your life. You deserve to walk through life feeling light, happy, and positive.



Om du vill anmäla dig till vår kommande Distans Healing,

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TID: 20-22 november kl 06:00-06.30

PRIS: 140 kr för alla 3 dagarna.

Betalningsalternativ: Swish till 1232020261 eller BG 5398-0249

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Varma hälsningar,

Stig Kälvelid & Petra Grandits




Distans Healing November 2019




Pris 140 kr

för 3 dagars healing

30 minuter per dag


Skicka ett mail till






 20-22 november

Kl 06.00-06.30


18-20 december

Kl 06.00-06.30